Что такое dancehall?

Jamaica is sunny and beautiful island in the Carribean Sea - it is also the homeland of dancehall. The annual average temperature is 27 degrees Celsius - no surprise Jamaicans party all year long. ;) Dancehall is a music genre originated in the late 70s from reggae.

'Night club' - somewhere near Nine Mile.'

The dancehall, as a dance, concentrates above all on the moves. You may be surprised but apart from shaking your behind there are far more dance moves (so far we have gathered over 800 dance moves and we are still looking for more). It is in Jamaica where such a unique connection of dance and music is found. There are songs about just one dance move, on the other hand you have songs in which you can hear several dance moves. The main problem is to correctly understand the lyrics - Jamaicans use Patois - their own slang which is distant from their official language (English). We will try to help you with that! ;) This website provides you with dance moves along with links (mainly to YouTube), where you can watch the best Jamaican dancers performing them. Of course the best way to learn is to learn directly from Jamaican, but it is really hars as Jamaicans rarely come to Europe.


Dancehall is all about attitude and energy - we may even say these two things are far more important than knowledge and technical skills. Perfect examples are Winter Bounce (video with Mad Ah Road Dancaz) and Cut Them Off (check out the iQ Squad video).

Dancehall dance moves are created mainly spontaneously during street parties, e.g. Passa Passa. Sometimes it is hard to say who created the dance and which version one performed. In the Internet there are lots of versions, the important thing is to get the idea of the dance.

Some Jamaicans do not consider European steps dancehall steps, despite that we decided to gather all steps, so you can decide if you like them and want to dance them no matter what region they come from.

Bob Marley Mausoleum - Nine Mile.

The most known and popular dance artists in dancehall in Jamaica are men. In most European countries men do not dance and women concentrate on wining and shaking. But dancehall isn't just about that!

We hope this website will be useful source of knowlegde about dancehall - dance and music.