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Global Bob
(Chad Torrington)

He changed his stage name from Sponge Bob to more international one. ;) He performed with artists such as: Bogle, Kibaki, M.I.A, Flabba dabba, Tifa, Laden, Carlene Davis, Chris Martin, Brick & Lace, Sample Six and many other. He choreographed M.I.A's "How many boyz" and assisted Tanisha Scott at Brick'n'Lace's "Bad to di bone". He won some prizes too: 2010 Best Male International Dancer Worldwide, 2009 Best Male Dancer of the Year for Carivibes.tv, Retv Mvp Award for Best Dancer in Music Videos.
His Fan Page (Facebook).

Dancer's moves: M.I.A.Dominica dominicaDJease and sekkle