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Swaggi Maggi

Since her childhood Swaggi Maggi used to dance. First she learned ballett, later got instruction in set-pattern dances and latinamerican dances, also due to her Chilean roots.
In 2006 she participated the first time in Dancehallqueen Competition in her hometown Nürnberg/Germany. She founded her first Crew Badda Gyalore and from 2007 to 2009 they had various shows at dancehall parties and festivals (Summerjam, Bangarang) with different artists all over Germany and in Austria.
When Swaggi Maggi moved to Berlin in 2009 she started to dance with a new crew called DiW!NE. They entertain with many different kind of shows and work on spreading the dancehall moves in Berlin/Germany. In May 2009 she started her own Dance Class Sweep Deh Floor and now she is teaching five times a week in different dance schools in Berlin.
Finally in Novemeber 2010 Swaggi Maggi won the title of the Official German Dancehallqueen 2010/2011 and more than ever she is promoting Jamaican Dancehall, not only in Germany but all over Europe, where she is booked for Wworkshops and shows. Her focus is on authentic dance moves like Nuh Behaviour, Starbwoy, Swag, Sesame Street, etc. Since 2011 Swaggi Maggi has been traveling to Kingston/Jamaica regularly and increased her knowledge of moves a lot - talking about Oldschool Moves just as the latest Hype Dances from the island. Dancehall is what she loves and for what she's living for – TOP UP!!!
Dance Moves: Swaggitude, Shy Gyal, Party Shot, TopUp, Yuh so Nice

Dancer's moves: winter swagTopUpparty shot