1. created by: Aya

Aya is a dancer and choreographer. She was born in Africa of a mother half-blooded of the Ivory Coast and Lebanon, and of a French father. Aya began dancing as soon as she could walk. By the age of 6 she was dancing ballet. Aya started dancing with Camron One-Shot in the underground movement, pushing the dancehall thing on the top. Real lover of the Jamaican culture, she endorsed the new moves from Jamaica .Also Aya created in 2010 a step called "Aya Move" and has influenced a lot of dancers to dance in the street and create new dance moves.
Aya quickly gained recognition and began performing with headline artists. That is how she became the official dancer of Colonel Reyel (Artist N°1 in France).
Acclaimed by the public and congratulated by the art direction, KRYS, the King of the Dancehall, immediately gave her a nickname: AYA "LEVEL" (translated to mean higher level).
The famous choreography on the song "Precision Wine" by KES the Band (more than 1million views) confirmed that Aya has her own identity and concept to developp dancehall & soca all over the world. With this success Aya created her own dance concept "DANCEHALL SOCA" (all rights reserved).
She has been contacted by several famous artists in Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica & France to work with them, such as Kes, Swappi, Mavado, Jahmoun, Tiana, Datcha Dollar'z, Krys, Colonel Reyel, Lord Kossity,
Not only a dancer,Aya is a choreographer. She choreographed many video clips, show for artists and for her crew. Like Dj Jairo Tour (the biggest french Selecta), Tiana , Datcha Dollar'z, Colonel Reyel, Krys, X-man, ¨Pompis, Politik Nai, Warren ...
Aya has recently received the award of "Global Dancer Of the Year 2011" on Carivibez Tv Awards.
She conducts weekly dance classes at the Studio Massaro, Paris and gives workshop all over the world. You can see Aya in duet with Camron One-Shot (Dancer & Choreographer N°1 in Europe) and with her crew Queen'Stonn.

Dancer's moves: aya move